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SHS Cardinals

SHS Cardinals

SHS Cardinals

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           Stevens High School
                 Built from a gift from Paran Stevens.  SHS opened in 1868.
                 Mascot       -  Cardinal
                 Colors        -  Red and Black
                 Yearbook   - "The Red and Black"
                 Fight Song  - "Glory to Stevens"  sung to  "Glory to Dartmouth"
                 "The Alumni Song"  words and music by Evelyn Miles Paskevich '35



In 2014 our SHSAA President, Robert Stringer '61,  receivied an SHS Alumni Association jacket and hat.

Current College Students – Check This Out

There are six scholarships available to 2nd, 3rd. and 4th year students. The criteria is that a letter of intent and need be sent to the alumni office prior to April 15 of any given year. They must also include a short biography of their accomplishments, a recommendation from one of their instructors, and a transcript for the first semester of their current classes.

SHS Alumni Association

PO Box 710

Claremont NH 03743

Attn: Carolyn LeBlanc



Stevens High School Alumni Association

Monthly Open Meeting

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Claremont Savings Bank

Present – Bob Stringer, Bev Janelle, Chris Theriault, David Zerba, Les St. Pierre, Jim Miles,

Jan Eno, (arrived 5:50 pm), Mary Woodman (left 6:10 for School Board meeting), Nancy Miville, Denise Liveston

Bob Stringer called the meeting to order promptly at 5:30 p.m. He explained the absence of Carolyn and Doug LeBlanc, Bob Bowles and Sonya Lawson. Doug has had a triple heart bypass on Monday after a serious heart stoppage on Thursday. The bypass surgery was smooth, and his recuperation is expected to be the same. All wished him and his family well.

The secretary’s report from the January meeting was moved by Les St.Pierre and seconded by David Zerba. Vote was affirmative.

The treasurer’s report was presented and the membership had a little trouble understanding what some of the detail meant; such as in the Income piece the detail was “donations of $400”

Question was also raised in the Expense section as to what the “parade deposit of $100” meant.

The group asked if more explanation in future reports could be provided.

Mary Woodman moved to accept the report and Nancy Miville seconded it. Vote was affirmative.

New Business –

Caterer -

Bob gave an update on the Country Kitchen catering the June banquet. He has spoken with Pat Tremblay and has firmed up the date of June 6. There is no required deposit or written contract. Bob will be meeting with him in early March to firm things up. A vote was taken to accept this arrangement with motion by Dave Zerba and second by Les St. Pierre.

Poinsettia Fund Raiser

A profit of $2600 has been realized from the Poinsettia Fund Raiser. This is a record sales. Congrats to Bob and all.

Stage Update

There has been some damage done to the Lighting and Sound Board during the school renovations, and Bob heard that the Alumni Association was going to be asked if they could help financially with the costs of repair. A question was asked in regard to the school or the construction firm having insurance to aid this repair. Bob said this was being looked into. The members felt there is not enough money in our coffers to assist, but suggested perhaps a class could help.


Carolyn reported to Bob that both the Class Rep letters and the Business Sponsors’ newspaper ads solicitation letters have been mailed.

Nancy read a wonderful letter by her granddaughter as to what she knows about SHS Alumni and what it means to her. Suggestion has been made that it be put into the newsletter and Nancy accepted responsibility for this. Nancy also expressed ideas as how to promote and make alumni members more visible to the present student body 9 -12. She had a number of ideas and is looking for volunteers to help.


Chris gave an overview of what needed to be done prior to such an event. Contacting the State of NH gaming board for permission, a fee is expected by the State, $200 charge by the Senior Center (the Center takes cared of setup/breakdown, supplying a caller, the cards and stamp for marking numbers, etc. Decision has to be made whether the “prizes” will be monetary or solicited items and 5-8 volunteer workers need to be on board. This worked well for the Animal Shelter fund raiser. They raised around $2,000.

David Zerba, in behalf of Doug LeBlanc, adjourned the meeting at 6:45 p.m. Jan Eno seconded.

Bev Janelle, Note Taker for Sec. Sonya Lawson

Stevens High School Alumni Association

January 21, 2015

Meeting minutes not approved until the February meeting and are subject to change.

Claremont Savings Bank – 5:30 p.m.

Present: R. Stringer, D Liviston, C LeBlanc, B Janelle, R Bowles, D. LeBlanc, N.Miville,

J. Eno, B Ferland, L St.Pierre , D Zerba, Mary Woodman (Left at 6:00pm), S Lawson, W. Webster (left at 6:10)

Guest speakers: Aaron House, and Brad Eaton from Stevens Athletic Dept. Principle Patricia Barry was present during athletic dept presentation for new equipment.

Bob Stringer called the meeting to order at 5:32 pm.

Secretary’s report – Motion made to accept by Les St. Pierre seconded by Mary Woodman. Motion carried

Treasurer’s report – Motion made by Robert Bowles to accept report as presented seconded by David Zerba. Motion carried.

Bob asked everyone to introduce themselves as we had several new people present.

He then asked Bill Webster to speak first as he had to leave early.

Bill informed the group that he had been talking with the high school music department and discovered that during the renovation process at the high school, many instruments were unaccounted for. He asked if the alumni would put an article in the newsletter asking if anyone had instruments in decent condition, would they consider donating to the music dept. Bev asked him If he would write the piece for the newsletter. He agreed to do that and will get it to us.

Aaron House, Stevens athletic director, and Brad Eaton, the high school trainer, gave a presentation on new equipment needed for what they would like to call “The Alumni Fitness Center.” They have come to us hoping that we can, thru the alumni membership, assist in raising the necessary funds to purchase the equipment they would like for the fitness center.

They presented an overhead Power Point of the equipment needed and a quote for the cost from Legend Equipment. Their focus is not only on improving sports students’ conditioning, but that of all students. They want to focus on overall fitness based on functional movement, functional performance, and functional skill. They talked about making sure that coaches and trainers are well trained in the use of new equipment so that they can work with students. They believe that the right equipment will be a positive step forward and a positive basis for athleticism and help in the everyday life of the student body. They want to be able to continually improve and deliver 1st class experience for all students.

Aaron and Brad concluded their presentation with the quote from Legend Equipment to make this fitness center become a success. They have already had a single donation of $32,000 from an alumni member to reduce the projected costs of $75,000 and thus, give them an opportunity to get some of the equipment ordered. They would like us to be on board with making this goal a success and have a timeline of next August to get the equipment here to start the 2015-16 school year.

They will write an article for the newsletter. They also asked if we would supply alumni addresses for extra mailings. Bev Janelle (backed by the board) said that the alumni mailing list is not given out due to privacy issues.

Aaron asked if they could go ahead and put an article in the newspapers that would say the alumni association is on board and offers full support to help raise the balance of the money needed to make this happen.

There were other suggestions such as individuals and classes have their names noted as donors toward the equipment needed; or a wall of fame noting names; or bricks; or silver, gold and platinum donors. These were all just suggestions and more details will have to be discussed.

A special account under the alumni non-profit id would be set up for incoming donations. It was concluded by the board and members present that this was a truly worthwhile endeavor. We did make Aaron and Brad aware that donations would have to come from the membership as most of our funds are designated for specific purposes and our general fund barely has enough to pay our office and operating expenses.


We have met with Pat from Country Kitchen and he is very excited to be able to cater the banquet this year.

Earlier this year, we found out that Contigiani’s booked another event, so we had to look elsewhere for a caterer. We talked with Blood’s Catering and they were willing to do the catering, but the cost was almost double. Les checked with Carol St.Pierre but she has a son being married that weekend.

Les made a motion that we go with Country Kitchen, seconded by Nancy Miville. Motion carried.

The Poinsettia Fund raiser is done and was again successful.

The high school stage construction is completed.

The Class rep letter and business sponsor letters have been mailed.

We are starting to get articles together for the annual newsletter.

At an earlier meeting, Pat Barry came and gave a short presentation on how she would like to get the school, and students more involved with alumni. Nancy asked how this was going. She would like to see alumni take a more active approach such as going to the school and handing out packets with information on the alumni association, and maybe include stickers for cars that show the alumni logo. She offered to work on ideas for a packet and present it at a future meeting. Carolyn will contact John Lovejoy about the stickers or possibly, the Ink Factory.

Les said that the Claremont Recollections is going well, and that he had just interviewed Jim Miles, and Maria Boccia. He said that anyone was welcome to share memories at an interview. These are taped and will all be on CCTV. No time specified when these would air.

Doug LeBlanc made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Sonya Lawson. Motion carried

Meeting adjourned at 7:10 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Sonya Lawson


Stevens High School Alumni Association

Nov 19, 2014

Claremont Savings Bank – 5:30 p.m.

Present: R. Stringer, D Liviston, C LeBlanc, B Janelle, R Bowles, D. LeBlanc, K Coulombe C Theriault,

J. Eno, B Ferland, L St.Pierre D Zerba, Mary Woodman (Left at 6:05pm) J Miles, R Girard, S Lawson (working)

Bob Stringer called the meeting to order at 5:35 pm.

Secretary’s report – Motion made to accept by Les St. Pierre seconded by Jim Miles. Motion carried

Treasurer’s report – Motion made by Jim Miles to accept report as presented seconded by Les St.Pierre. Motion carried.

Old Business:

Denise updated us on the latest events for the 250th Claremont celebration. Friday night will be a presentation of a song piece written specifically for this 250th. Admission is free but donations excepted.

Events for New Year’s Eve are not finalized yet.

Bob reported that the Poinsettia Sales are going well and will call members to help with delivery.

Bob received a letter from Mr. Rathburn about having a school tour Alumni weekend in June. Bob will set this up with the school.

We have received the invitation to participate in the Common Man Festival of Trees and after discussion Doug LeBlanc made a motion to pass on this for 2014 seconded by Dave Zerba. Motion carried.

Bob mentioned that he still has a few sets of auditorium chairs left and lots of wood from the stage floor. He would like the chairs out of the garage to make room for Poinsettias. Robert Bowles offered to keep them in his barn and there are still a few people that have expressed interest in having some so they will be contacted. There was some discussion on what to do with the wood pieces but no decisions made.

Chris Theriault reported that the Bingo Fund Raiser that the Sullivan County Humane Society sponsored was very successful. The Alumni Association has been discussing the possibility of doing a Bingo game fund raiser but no date has been set. We still need more details from State of NH Gaming Board.

Les St.Pierre is still interviewing for Claremont Recollections and he will be talking with M Boccia next.

Update on Stage: The front panels and exterior of stage has been approved and Bob, Bev, Carolyn, Bill Tenney, and Doug were able to make a brief meeting to look at samples of what had been selected. The samples were very close to what had been destroyed and after talking with us, they will proceed with the selections approved.

New Business

We have received word that Contigiani’s will not be catering our banquet this year as Jim Contigiani did not hold the date and booked another event. Bev and Carolyn have been in touch with Blood’s Catering and they have sent a menu selection and all the costs to book their catering service. The cost is much higher than Contigiani. Les is going to check with Carol St.Pierre to see if she is available. Bob will contact Country Kitchen to see if they can do a banquet this size and if the date is open. Carolyn will contact Common Man and Women of the Moose, and Bev to call Carol Gregory and Santo.

Doug LeBlanc made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Ken Coulombe. Motion carried

Meeting adjourned at 6:40 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Sonya Lawson

Stevens High School Alumni Association

Next meeting: 

Third Wednesday of the Month at 5:30 PM

Claremont Savings Bank, Downstairs

Submitted by: Robert Stringer, President


(603) 543-3146

June 6, 2015
Starting Time:  10:30 a.m.


Entrée:  (To be determined)

Parade Registration
Do not forget to register your class float for the June 6, 2015 parade.
Anyone whether alumni, business, non-profit or individual please call and register their float with Bob Stringer.
The parade theme this year is "
(We are not sure when the registration forms will be available on the Internet, due to web redesign.)
Bob Stringer can email or fax a form to you.
Parade registration would consist of the following information:


Please document the information and deliver to:
Bob Stringer, Stringer Funeral Home, 146 Broad Street, Claremont NH 03743
Phone: 603-542-5129, Fax: 603-542-9223, Email:
(The earlier the better.)
All floats must be inspected by the police department.


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