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 SHSAA Memorabilia


$6.00  each  or   2 for  $10.00

Postage is  $3.00 first mug  and  $1.00 each  additional mug

Stevens Ornaments


$10.00 each  Postage $3.00

Only 47  left of this collectors item


Mini Robotics Calculators






$4.00  each   Plus $2.00  postage


Sticky Notes White Plastics Case With Alumni Logo

$2.00 plus $1.00 Postage

Notepaper With Pen & Ink  Sketch of SHS  (10)

$3.00 Plus $1.00 Postage

Red Key-lights 

$1.00 Plus $1.00 Postage


Yes We Have Them!

Our shelves are  loaded  with extra year books. If  there are any  you 'd like  a copy of,

all we ask is a donation (what you consider them worth) plus  $3.00 postage

for the first yearbook and $1.00 each additional yearbook.

Most  years available (some may have been written in)


1971 Centennial Coins

Bronze Coin engraved  with SHS picture on  one side and Alumni Logo on  the other

  Sale now only $ 1.00     Postage $2.00

Magnetic Address Book
 $2.00   each plus  Postage 1.00

           Stevens High School Alumni Office
         24 Opera House Square Box 29
         Claremont, NH 03743

Please make  checks payable to Stevens Alumni Association