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This is where I will post any BIO that is sent to me. Email me or post to the class forum and I can put your message here. Tell us what you have been up to since 1969 and what you are doing today. Tell about your life, your job, your pets, your travels and all.  To start off here is a bit about me from my personal webpage

Communication is what makes the world go round. I am a communications junky who is involved in many types of communicating. I work in television broadcasting at WNDS-TV in master control. I also provide Computer consulting services as a home business. I am a licensed Ham radio operator call WA1MYQ . I am enjoying a satellite TVRO system I scrounged, repaired, and assembled for just over $225. I am a passionate user and advocate of the Internet. I offer help to people who wish to connect to the Internet and learn more about it. I produce audio and video training tapes for long distance instruction. I also provide one on one personal training. I create and maintain web sites for a number of companies, and individuals. For the past 25 years I have been communicating with people around the world thru the use of ham radio and audio tape recorders. Now I do much the same thing using various multimedia Internet based techniques. For over 25 yrs I have been a member of an informal tape club called TRA .

Please write me or post to the forum with something about yourself. Also if you have photos of yourself, your pets, or photos from past high school happenings please send them. I have a few from the SR class party that I may scan in a bit and post.  I also have photos from dress down days...  when the dress code was suspended for just ONE day but you had to pay up front for your infraction...anyone remember that? They will appear in the media sharing area. Click the link and participate please!!




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